Blackjack Basic Strategy

As opposed to what many people may think, blackjack is not considered a guessing game nor a game of luck. Some casino games are more on guessing games and depends on how lucky they are on the game. With blackjack, there must be a correct and proper strategy that a player should follow. The basic strategy for this game is having a correct mathematical strategy that would maximize your chances of winning and minimize your chances of losing.

You may notice sometimes that there are many popular card games that does not need a basic strategy. Like for example in poker, there is no basic strategy. A poker player only play his cards depending on his opponents. Whether they have a strong hand or just doing the art of bluffing and vice versa.

Basic strategies cannot exist in many card game because your opponent has the freedom to decide whether those decisions are bad or good and on how to play his hand. For so many years now, a basic blackjack strategy was not formulated because it was difficult to build one when both cards of the dealer is hidden. The dealer play his card in whatever way they want and players can also bluff when they want to.

Having a basic strategy works especially in drawing the odds to your favor. For games that are dealt with pure honesty, mathematicians was able to greatly analyze every possible hand that a player may hold against every upcard of the dealer. Because of this, they were able to come up with a correct basic strategy. Some mathematicians even found an almost perfect strategy and was already published in the mid 1950's. They have spent three years, without the help of computers and only utilizing machines to run all the possible outcomes of hand deals. In Nevada, some approximations were figured out by professional gamblers, also before computers came into the picture. For them, blackjack was their livelihood. This is the reason why they have never published the strategy that they have formulated because they considered themselves as pros.

One thing for sure is that casinos never had any idea about the proper strategy for the game and so as the many players even if they were equipped with the highly recommended casino books. A lot of people does not get the logic of the basic strategy.

Careful analysis is the key to understanding the logic of blackjack. Once you've understand it by heart, then it will be easy for you to formulate a strategy that will help you increase your chances of winning.