Busted Hands: Blackjack Myths and Misconceptions

Even as Blackjack remains one of the most popular of all casino card games, there are still many people who hesitate to take up playing it. This is because they are intimidated by certain myths and misconceptions that surround the game.

Many believe that luck is all it takes to win a blackjack game. The truth is any player who is diligent and proficient enough can have a lasting statistical edge over the house. A player who has become adept at the game would immediately be able to grasp the precise percentage of their take as it relates to the strategy that they decide to employ.

Though some deal of mathematics is applied in playing blackjack, it does not necessarily follow that one has to be a complete math wizard in order to play and win the game. Undoubtedly, the influence for this assumption would be noted mathematician Edwards Thorpe, who put forth his own treatise for mastering the game of blackjack in his 1962 book "Beat the Dealer." This fostered the misconception that only geniuses and intellectuals have any hope of beating the game, which is absolutely untrue.

In accordance with the above statement, one is not required to possess a photographic memory to play blackjack. It's hard enough committing playing strategies to memory. Having as good a memory as the average person does should serve any player well enough.

Many players think that winning against four or six decks of cards is unfeasible as it is practically impossible to keep track of that many amount of cards. While it does take quite a lot of time and effort to follow 208 cards than it is to keep track of the standard 52, it is still workable just the same.

A point of concern for those who are wary of playing blackjack in casinos is the belief that one's bankroll has to be worth several thousands of dollars in order to collect a substantial sum of winnings. In actuality, one can amass winnings totaling in thousands even if they play using funds as little as two hundred dollars. It does take some time though, as having a small bankroll only enables one to bet modestly at first. But if one is patient enough to stick the game out, they shall see themselves hoarding up several times the amount of money that they started with.

The gist behind many of the various blackjack myths and misconceptions is that it is virtually impossible for the average player to win the game. One may use such fallacies as an excuse for losing, but a player who is bold enough to challenge any of these misleading notions just might have the double satisfaction of busting a long-standing myth and earning a sizeable profit for themselves in the process.