Card Counting - Nailing the Basics

There are people who think that card counting is some sort of mysterious oriental art or something remotely close to it. Others might think that you have to be really smart to memorize all the cards in a deck, let alone a shoe. We'll let you in on the secrets of card counting hope this clears a huge chunk of the "mystery" behind this very important yet simple skill.

The first secret is that card counting does not require its practitioners (i.e. card counters) to memorize an entire deck or a whole shoe of six decks. What a card counter does is really to assign a point or a value to each card he sees (i.e. making a tally of some sort) and then adding up that count making use of that information. So card counting will involve just a little bit of math, but you don't have to be math wizard to learn this.

The values you assign to each card and how it affects your tally will ultimately depend on the card counting system you're using. Some will be as simple as plus this or minus that others will entail a few small details other than adding and subtracting.

Next piece of basics is keeping the count in our heads as we go about playing at a blackjack table. One good tip for soon to be card counters is that they should begin with basic strategy. After one is well grounded in basic strategy should one move off to card counting. Basic strategy should become second nature to the card counter so that the distractions at a blackjack table will do very little to disrupt the natural flow of the game and the count.

Next thing you should know is that there are many different card counting systems that you can choose from. Some card counting systems are really very simple and there are card counting systems that will be complex. There are card counting systems that work better for a single deck game and there are card counting systems that work better for multiple deck blackjack games.

When you're out choosing a card counting system that will work for you, one of the many things you ought to consider should be the amount of time you usually spend playing blackjack. Our playing habits will come into queue when picking a card counting system to use in blackjack. Generally speaking, if you usually play longer it is better for your brain to just stick to a simple system. But if you play only a few hours a week then you can use a really complex card counting system to max out your winnings in a short span of time.

After learning the basics of blackjack card counting then we can actually pick a system that we can use effectively. Those who are able to learn card counting make the most out of their blackjack sessions.