Maximizing Win Odds with Elimination Blackjack Strategy

Elimination blackjack is the tournament structure of blackjack where each player is up against the dealer and up against and up against the other players. Elimination blackjack strategy differs from regular game strategy for the primary goal is to beat the rest of the players. The way to win is to have a chip stack bigger than everyone else at the table.

The most basic elimination blackjack strategy is understanding blackjack tournament and knowing basic blackjack strategy. You need to know when to hit, when to stand, when to double down, when to take the insurance, when the split a pair, and such.

Secondly, betting aggressively is the better option. Betting more than less is the only way to win more chips. To put in another way, it's better to play aggressively than timidly. The only way to stay ahead of the rest of the players is to keep your chip stacks bigger than the rest of the players.'

The third elimination blackjack strategy is to utilize one's position effectively. Meaning, if you're to the right of another player, you're always to act after that opponent and that is a big advantage. Also, keep an eye on the players' chip stacks to your right---this way you can keep track whether you have the least number of chips or not. Does the player have more chips than yours? If the answer is yes, then you need to catch up.

The next elimination blackjack strategy is related to the previous strategy and is one of the most important skill you need to develop--- that is, you have to keep track of your chips. Always keep a mental count of your chips so you could plan your bets when you play in a land-based casino.

You must be willing to employ unconventional game plays. For instance, in a non-elimination game, splitting a pair of 10s would be a bad decision. In elimination blackjack, you might consider splitting your 10s if you're about to be eliminated or if you're playing the final hand.

You can also use your Secret Bet into a powerful weapon against your opponents--- to bluff.

Lastly, be aware of the time maximum to decide on a hand. Keep an eye on the clock. This way you'd know when it's your time to act. Because the rules and structure of this blackjack tournament, the required elimination blackjack strategy is different than what's employed in non-tournament blackjack. If you want to be ready for elimination blackjack, learn the above-listed elimination blackjack strategy.