The 6/5 Blackjack Trap

Everything changes over time. It's why many people believe in the concept of evolution - things adapt to their environment so that their race can continue to live. Games are no different. If they aren't rewarding, they won't be played. Blackjack had that problem once, the first time it came to America - a few changes to the rules and some more prizes, such as the concept of winning by blackjack itself, were added to make it more fun for everyone involved.

This was the case for a very long time. It was a three to two return that people expected from the blackjack tables and casino halls. Given a natural twenty one, you would receive fifty percent back with you - fair odds for a long shot event. Those odds were created specifically for the enjoyment of players around the world and to make the game of blackjack more marketable. Without it, it simply would not be as appealing. The formula began to change at some point. Players were no longer as savvy or as attentive as they were before. From a real hobby, blackjack has transmuted into a game that even the careless can get into. They don't need the draw anymore. This was probably the heart of the reason 6/5 blackjack was made.

With 6/5 blackjack, casinos can start taking back the night. Application of it to a blackjack game means that the players get more, making much a lot less appealing if people took the time to check out exactly why that is so. Over the course of a gambling session, getting twelve out of a bet of ten instead of the old fifteen makes a huge difference, enough to dissuade expert gamblers. It makes sure that if you may money, that the casino can easily win it back over time.

Single deck 6/5 blackjack relies on the uninformed and the casual players that aren't part of the normal casino crowd. Sure, less decks means better numbers for the players. Even the newest of players who have rudimentary card counting skills knows that if there are less cards involved that it's easier to figure out what to do - this would be the case if they had not implemented the 6/5. Although even that's being removed from the battlefield, as multi-deck blackjack games are becoming extremely common. If you see single deck 6/5 blackjack, don't fall for it and look for another game. If you see a multi-deck version, don't even bother. Walk away and look for a blackjack game that doesn't make you a patsy.