What is the Right Blackjack Table to Bet On?

The first major step in playing blackjack is to find the right table for you to play that fits your skill and gambling level. There are many varieties of blackjack tables. Each table has a minimum and maximum bet clearly posted and usually the blackjack table that have the one to five dollars are mostly crowded.

Novice players of blackjack are usually promising if they play at tables that are using six or eight card decks called the 'shoe' games. This is a good place to really learn blackjack because the cards of all players are dealt face up. And it also allows the blackjack dealer as well as the players to help you in your decision making and in answering some of your questions related to the game of blackjack.

Always keep in mind that the blackjack dealers are your friends and never hesitate to ask for some assistance. If you are an advanced blackjack player, then playing on a table with fewer decks should be considered because the house edge decreases when you are playing blackjack with fewer card decks.

Once you feel that you have found the right blackjack table to play, you must purchase some chips to bet with from the dealer. You will have to buy-in for chips only if the current blackjack round is done. Place your money on the blackjack table and never hand the money to the dealer for security purposes. Once you have your chips, you can now place your bet on the blackjack table.

You will notice some boxes or circles on the blackjack table. Make sure you have stacked your chips neatly with the largest denomination at the bottom and the lowest denomination at the top. Place your bet at the appropriate betting area and once the cards are dealt, never attempt to touch your bet for security purposes also. If you want to know how much you are betting, you can simply ask the blackjack dealer to count them for you.

After the round of blackjack hand is done, the blackjack dealer will then collect the losing bets and the winners are paid. If you are among the lucky winners in blackjack, you can now freely collect your winning chips. And if you want to play for another round of blackjack game, just place your new bet on the blackjack table.

Once you have decided that it is already enough and you are ready to take your money and go, let the blackjack dealer know that you are "cashing in". If you have some collections of smaller denomination chips, the dealer will normally replace them with larger denomination chips. This is called "coloring up" where lower colors are replaced by higher colors.

It is very important that you find your right blackjack table before you play because it can help you to be comfortable and at ease while playing and also lets you enjoy the game of blackjack.